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Brand logo development: Fiery rose to Magi Rose, Part 2

Brand logo development The development of the brand logo for Magi Rose is discussed across two blogs. Part 1 ‘Brand logo development: Garden rose for Magi Rose?’ was published on 11/09/2020. This is Part 2.   Part 1. Recounts the beginning of my journey to find a logo to represent Magi Rose’s distinctive ladieswear fashion […]


Brand logo development: Garden rose for Magi Rose? Part 1

Brand logo development A reflection on my experience of brand logo development, that may be of interest to others, is offered across two blogs. This is Part 1. In October 2018 having had the idea to start the fashion label, Magi Rose, https://magirose.co.uk/news/magi-rose-whats-in-a-name/, there were two things that I knew I needed. A logo for […]