Summer clothes to make you feel amazing

Hello, I am Magi Rose founder and designer at Magi Rose London, a no-fuss, fashion collection for fun-loving individuals who enjoy a touch of simple elegance and timeless style.

Clothes have always been a source of passion and inspiration for me. I first had the idea for a collection at the tender age of 17. At that time, I was working as an attendant in a boutique in the resort town of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This was where I developed my fashion sense for vibrant colours, playfulness and zest for life.    

After a long career in healthcare I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to reignite and share my passion with you.

If you resonate with clothes that are extremely comfortable to wear, are exquisitely made to last using the finest fabrics, then Magi Rose is designed expressly for you.

Made in Great Britain

Magi Rose is a keen supporter of the Made in UK/Great Britain movement and is a proud member of MakeitBritish. At Magi Rose, we made it a cornerstone of the brand that our garments are made here, in the UK, by employees who receive a fair wage for their skilled labour, whilst working in a safe and healthy industrial environment managed by ethically driven manufacturers in London and Nottingham.

A UK manufacturing base minimises our carbon footprint, whilst allowing us to work closely with our manufacturers, providing every opportunity to maintain good working relationships. Our manufacturers take great pride in their work. Their quality is second to none. It is fascinating to see these experts at work and observe how confidently and deftly, they make the production process seem easy.


Ethics of our supply chain

We take the visibility of our supply chain and sustainability seriously using reputable agencies to source fabric, which has a minimal carbon footprint. We use only premium cotton and linen.

Since we are making clothes for your summer, warm weather and holiday wardrobe we needed to find the perfect fabric. We chose to use cotton sateen that is endowered with all the important features you may seek in such a fabric.

We deliberately chose cotton sateen as it is a smooth, durable and lustrous fabric. The way the fabric is woven gives it a distinctive sheen and softness. Its soft feel makes it suitable for those with sensitive skin. The sateen weave is naturally wrinkle-resistant and drapes beautifully in soft folds.

Sateen is known for its breathability, allowing you to maintain a comfortable body temperature in warm weather. It is also durable and washable, keeping its colour and great look even after numerous machine washings. Because of the softness of the fabric, all our clothes are a real pleasure to wear. Cotton sateen is sourced from and digitally printed in the UK according to our vibrant designs.

The Mikki Flight Suit is made from fine, organic linen produced from the best French flax. Thanks to the new way of ‘freeze-refining’ it does not crumple much. Linen is sourced from Seidra, an intergenerational Austrian family business.

If you care deeply about UK manufacturing and supporting quality UK manufacturing and sustainability you will love our brand as these are the values we embrace. Our values are founded on creating quality pieces that are locally and ethically made.

Slow fashion – our philosophy

The Magi Rose collection will appeal to devoted customers who sympathise with the slow fashion movement, which focuses on timeless features that never go out of style, valuing quality and the environment through a dependable clothing range. Wardrobe favourites to return to time after time.

At Magi Rose, we implement our activities with integrity, in a socially conscious and ethically responsible manner. We aim to have the least impact on the environment, reducing waste on the packaging and using recyclable stationery.

All our garments are designed with essential versatility in mind. They can be worn for day or evening engagements, whilst out and about, or for simply relaxing at home. Integral features of the entire collection are effortless elegance, comfort and ease of wear.