2022: The year of hope

2022: The year of hope  

The New Year, 2022, offers a spring of hope, even with new strains of COVID infections on the rampage. Why be concerned with the issue of hope now?

Well, for a society severely bruised by COVID, hope may be the key that lets social spaces open and allows a new social order to emerge. A society that has internalised wisdom of how to generate hope to rebalance and heal some of the emotional and intellectual injuries heaped upon us over the last two years by the pandemic. So, what is hope and why should we care?     

 “Hope is a feeling that inspires us. Hope is not just a day or a month, it is a universal blessing.” https://countway.harvard.edu/news/national-month-hope

Research indicates that hope can help us manage stress and anxiety and cope with adversity. It contributes to our well-being and happiness and motivates positive action. Hope is likewise described as an optimistic state of mind, based on expectations of positive outcomes of events, in personal life or the world at large. Hope is the belief that circumstances will get better.

The USA takes the issue of hope seriously.  In 2018, April was designated the National Month of Hope. This is part of a national awareness campaign by a non-profit group called Mothers in Crisis. The month is dedicated to celebrating the power of hope i.e., the belief that things will work out, especially when it seems otherwise.

It is the perfect time to find ways to reach out to those who need a ray of hope and kindness the most, after the stresses of the pandemic. Your efforts need not be extravagant. They must only be sincere and thoughtful. Here are some ways to spread the sunshine and bring hope to the lives of others:

  1. Demonstrate love and care. We all need to feel that we are loved and cared for every now and then. …
  2. Make them feel they deserve happiness. …
  3. Show them acceptance. …
  4. Offer help. …
  5. Show them appreciation. …
  6. Help them find their passion. …
  7. Stay connected.


Remember we are today where our thoughts, attitudes and behaviour have taken us, and we will be tomorrow and next year where they take us.    

Are you hoping for a better tomorrow? Will 2022 be a red-letter year for you? 

The future is in your hands.

Tra for now


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