Holiday clothing: An ode to their essential qualities

What is the relationship between holidays and holiday clothing?

Holidays are one of our most beloved and treasured cultural features of modern society. Reputed to have originated in the English language the word ‘holiday’ means ‘to be born on a Holy Day’.

A holiday is regarded as a day or time, protected by law or tradition, where everyday activities such as business, work or schooling are set aside in favour of respite, or traditional celebrations of cultural or religious significance.     

At this time of year, with spring well underway, and warmer days our pleasure, (even under COVID 19 lockdown) many of us will be anticipating that longed-for summer holiday, whether at home or away.        

One of the most enjoyed features of a holiday is its anticipation. We pore over pages of advertisements for destinations, accommodation, activities, and modes of transport.

Best of all, if you are a tad like me, you review your holiday wardrobe, refreshing your relationship with old favourites, which often generate memories of the good times. Or we make new purchases to suit and enhance our chosen holiday destination and activity.

Holiday Clothing Magi Rose

 What do we love about holiday clothing?

Opening the suitcase for the first time this year can engender a sense of excitement. Here are the ‘Go-to’ favourites, fashion items with the verve that you know will enhance any holiday. The essential qualities being packability, wash and quick dry, relaxed comfort, plus dress-up, dress-down, take-me-anywhere – from sun-drenched days to golden evenings. No, ‘Go-to’? Not your experience? Then let Magi Rose help you.

How can Magi Rose help you?

Magi Rose offers you classy, distinctive fashion pieces for warm-weather destinations. Our garments fulfil the slow fashion agenda providing longevity, colour, and style. Pieces that you will want to return to time after time after time. Consider our Swing Dress, our signature garment the Magi Bagi, our Shift Dress and Jumpsuit. Please also follow us on Facebook. Bon voyage!

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