Brand launch Magi Rose London: Completing the circle

Brand launch of Magi Rose London: Completing the circle

This blog aims to ‘complete the circle’ from an aspiration to be involved in the fashion industry to the brand launch of Magi Rose London. Previous blogs in three parts: ‘Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose?’ sketched the story that was my working life for 53 years.  A change of gear was needed but what would that be?

A resurgent ambition

Magi Rose London is the ultimate outcome of a resurgent idea formed in those early days as a 17-year-old working in a resort boutique in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The idea to launch a brand devoted to summer, downtime and holiday outfits for women and men was fuelled at a self-starter weekend, run by Cosmopolitan, April 2018, in London. I had also spotted a meaningful piece of advice, totally relevant to my situation, given by Evan Sharp, co-founder of Pinterest social platform. It read, ‘It’s never too late to start something new!’

I have always enjoyed clothes and I feel fortunate that my career path took me to places where it was possible to dress-up or dress-down; like respectively into meeting rooms across the world, the Vienna Opera House or working with students in simulated rescue missions, in burnt out buildings and onboard navy ships in Portsmouth.

Getting started

So, with the help of Katy Cordina, fashion mentor from Fashionworks London: the Magi Rose London online clothing brand was born!

The Magi Rose collection serves individuals who sympathise with the slow fashion movement, valuing quality and the environment through a dependable clothing range. Trustworthy and fun, wardrobe favourites to return to time after time after time.

Meeting your needs

So, if you are tired of overthinking your off-duty wardrobe? Just need to have some fun? Long to jettison the grey and the black and put some colour back into your life? You are constantly disappointed at the poor quality of high street fashion collections? You crave cool comfort and packability for those dreamed about long-haul vacations? You have a desire to stand out from the crowd? You are concerned about sustainability? You would choose to support British workers and manufacturing? Then I am delighted to introduce you to the distinctive Magi Rose collection.

What Magi Rose can offer you

Our fashion collection features summer and holiday wear designed to complement your individual style. We make our garments here in the UK using premium fabrics that are printed in our vibrant designs. We are a member of MakeitBritish: All our garments are made with the finest cotton or linen and designed with versatility in mind. They can be worn for day or evening engagements, while out and about, or simply relaxing at home.

Key to the collection are clothes that are comfortable, and convenient – clothes that are distinctive and always ready to play!

And so my circle is complete!

Tra for now


P.S. Enjoy the website and why not have a browse in our Magi Rose shop?