Brand logo development: Fiery rose to Magi Rose, Part 2

Brand logo development

The development of the brand logo for Magi Rose is discussed across two blogs. Part 1 ‘Brand logo development: Garden rose for Magi Rose?’ was published on 11/09/2020. This is Part 2.  

Part 1. Recounts the beginning of my journey to find a logo to represent Magi Rose’s distinctive ladieswear fashion collection. Part 2 elaborates on that development.

Expert guidance

Katy Cordina, my fashion mentor, had expressed, that while (in Part 1) we had a perfectly formed rose logo it was more ‘English garden’ than ‘Fun in the sun’, where Magi Rose garments belong.

Katy thought the Magi Rose brand needed a ‘fiery’ flaming rose that would incorporate the colours and vibrancy of summer and warm weather holiday locations, e.g. my native home, Jamaica. A logo that signified abstraction, colour and movement.

She also thought it important to have a logo that could be used as a pattern for printing Magi Rose fabrics, to cement the brand style.   

Back to our graphic designer

So it was back to our graphic designer, Darren Barnard of Bluelight Design,

Darren was able, with the blessings of the focus group, to capture that blaze of summer sunset (shown below) and turn the ‘garden rose’ into the ‘fiery rose’ logo for the Magi Rose brand. The logo is shown in the feature image.

Blazing summer sunset to show the concept of a fiery rose developed into a brand logo

All Magi Rose garments are tagged with ‘fiery rose’ logo shown below.

Magi Rose Garment Label showing brand logo
Magi Rose Garment Label

The ‘fiery rose’ print used in our fabric design was developed by Hatley Print

Magi Rose playsuits are available in five vibrant colours using the fiery rose design: Carnival, Deepwater Turquoise, Hot Night, Sea Grape, and Jubilee Blue with Carnival trim and sash

Picture showing Katy Cordina with Magi Rose fabrics printed with Brand logo.
Katy Cordina with Magi Rose printed fabrics

Hope you enjoyed my story!

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