Brand logo development: Garden rose for Magi Rose? Part 1

Brand logo development

A reflection on my experience of brand logo development, that may be of interest to others, is offered across two blogs. This is Part 1.

In October 2018 having had the idea to start the fashion label, Magi Rose,, there were two things that I knew I needed. A logo for the business and a fashion mentor to guide me through the stages of collection development.

Importance of logos

A logo is a strategic tool used to identify.

Logos are intended to be the face of a company, to visually communicate the unique identity of the brand and what it represents.

Logos need to be: 1. Simple – so they are remembered; 2. Scalable – maintaining their form when scaled up or down; 3. Memorable and impactful leaving a positive impression; 4. Versatile – looking equally good on any web device and print material; and 5. Relevant – having a meaning that relates to the service/work carried out.

The first stage of brand logo development

Fortunately, I had worked with an experienced graphic designer, Darren Barnard, of Bluelight Design during my university career. He was willing to take on the job of developing a logo for Magi Rose.

Darren sent illustrations for me to consider. I, in turn, engaged friends both locally and across the world in a focus group to help me make my choice. A couple of examples of these logos can be seen below.


The logo chosen by the focus group is shown in the featured image.

Rethink on the logo

My second objective had been to engage a fashion mentor. Fortune smiled on me as I found Katy Cordina, Director of Fashionworks London who has extensive expertise in helping fashion start-ups.

Katy is also an extraordinary project manager. She offered an initial consultation, which I accepted. She was interested in my large bag of holiday clothes samples I brought to the consultation.

I also shared with her the logo that my focus group had chosen. This was her response in her summary of the consultation.

“We also spoke about the rose in your logo needing a bit of Jamaican fire putting into it and I think the print (for fabrics) should also be fiery to reflect the holiday spirit of the island and conjure up the dream of an exotic holiday…Whilst bespoke printing is not cheap, it is a must for a new brand to create a brand identity.”

Catch Part 2 in my blog next week.

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