COVID-19 2020-2021: An uncertain time

COVID-19 2020 – 2021: An uncertain time

There can be no doubt that the past year, 2020, was full of challenges.  It was a year of uncertainties exacerbated by the sadness of mass bereavement. The year, however, did offer us the opportunity to pause and connect with the virtues that make us human, love, kindness, and compassion. Our front-line services and key workers went beyond their call of duty to ease the pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, unknown to all of us and never previously experienced.

Let us remember to thank those who made a difference to our lives, who found time to care and share, enriching our days.  

2020 was also a year that provided learning curves for us if we were able to identify and seize the opportunities.

Let us put closure to whatever may still be bothering us.

2021: A year of hope  

The New Year, 2021, offers a spring of hope even with COVID-19 once more on the rampage. A hope that we will continue to be our brother’s keeper. A hope that we have the courage and strength to rise to any remaining challenges. A hope that there are brighter days ahead.

Stay true to yourself and live life to the fullest. Commit to give more and contribute to building this our beloved country.

Remember we are today where our thoughts, attitudes and behaviour have taken us, and we will be tomorrow and next year where they will take us.    

Remind yourself of your fortitude. Pause to congratulate yourself for your endurance. Be proud of any achievements. Pat yourself on the back and say, ‘Well done’! You are a survivor of 2020!

Are you hoping for a better tomorrow? Will 2021 be a red-letter year for you? 

The future is in our hands.

Tra for now


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