Fashion’s radial reset: What has the pandemic taught us?

Fashion’s radial reset: Introduction

The first cadre of traditional, world statement fashion shows, (i.e. New York, London, Paris and Milan) will launch following the COVID pandemic. I thought it helpful to reflect on what might have changed within the industry that has driven, ‘Fashion’s radical reset’. My other linking blogs can be found at:

news/starting-over-vogue-forces-of-fashion-7-8-july-2021/ and Building a fashion brand: Vogue Forces of Fashion – Magi Rose

where the impact of the pandemic helped to forge new methods of organisation, working and output for Vogue.

Resetting the fashion calendar

Josh Sims writing in the Times Supplement, “The Fashion Economy” 28/07/2021 makes the point that although the fashion calendar had been gradually changing from a seasonal six-month cycle COVID had foregrounded the need for radical change due to high exposure via the internet. So much so as to contemplate Fashion’s radical reset.

Fashion’s radical reset?

 It appears that the fashion industry has become democratised through the overwhelming use of the internet. The wider population has been able to intrude on sacred spaces, such as designer catwalk shows. The Shanghai Fashion Week reached more than 11 million people on live stream in March 2020.

Catwalk shows have also become more about entertainment as many of the garments never make it into production. My own viewing experience is that some clothing, from whichever viewpoint you wish to take, is completely impractical to wear. Social Media such as Instagram has also impacted consumers’ desire for instant gratification, rather than the wait for products to roll out in ‘the old’ seasonal bands.


 A number of designers, including myself, have opted to support year-round, seasonless brands. “It’s always summer somewhere”. As the world population is constantly on move it makes sense to share the value of the product with the consumer where they can easily be reached i.e. internet. However, some argue that a seasonal turnaround remains necessary to preserve quality and the growth of the slow fashion movement @slowfashion.movement . What have your experiences been of observing fashion and how its delivery is changing?      

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