How the advice of an expert helped to shape my brand

When I set out to create my own fashion label, I had a sack full of clothes that I thought would be interesting pieces to work with. They seemed like a good place to start. But I knew I would need to engage some support to make my project happen, particularly with regards to pattern cutting.

Pattern cutting is the part of the process that takes the designer’s drawings and turns them into workable templates (patterns) to make the garments. It’s an incredibly technical and difficult process, as patterns have to be altered and scaled to work in every size. You can’t just add an inch in every direction – it wouldn’t work! This was not a skill set I planned to adopt myself.

Fortune smiled on me, as I found the wonderful Katy Cordina (pictured), of Fashionworks London who has 25 years of experience in the fashion industry and helps fashion start-ups get off the ground. Katy is also an extraordinarily capable project manager.

My preconceived notions of the fashion industry were based on things I’d seen in films and TV

As I travelled up to London for our first consultation, I was apprehensive. But I was pleasantly surprised that Katy did not snub my goals or ambition. She was incredibly down to earth and interested to get stuck into talking about my ideas. We rifled through the pile of clothes I’d brought with me and straight away she was drawn to the Bagi, as something distinctive and original. So that is where I decided to begin.

Katy convinced me that creating a bespoke print for my label was an important part of establishing a strong brand identity. I had shown her the rose logo that Darren had designed but she felt it needed to become something more ‘fiery’, to reflect the holiday spirit of the tropics and conjure up the dream of exotic holidays when wearing a Magi Rose garment.

Darren went back to the drawing board and developed the new fiery rose logo, which has become one of the print patterns of the Magi Rose brand. You will see it in the five vibrant colourways of the Magi Bagi: Sea Grape, Deepwater Turquoise, Carnival, Hot Night, and Jubilee Blue with Carnival trim and sash.

I continue to work with Katy, valuing her input and advice on the journey to launching my fashion collection, as I seek to build a stable and comprehensive foundation for the business in these early days.

My life is so beautifully connected with friends and family who are spread around the globe

My dream would have been to launch the collection to be available for purchase internationally but I was advised that this would be difficult to do, as a start-up, due to issues with taxes, customs and commercial laws in different countries. So, for now, Magi Rose garments are only available for purchase within the UK.

As the business grows, I hope to make all garments available for purchase internationally. But we must take it one step at a time. There is still so much to do. Please accept my sincerest thanks for all your support and well wishes since the online store launched on 1st August. Stay tuned for further news on how Magi Rose London is developing.