In praise of the Magi Bagi

Somewhere there is always sunshine. Somewhere there is always someone on holiday or thinking about taking a holiday. Many of our holiday dreams are of warm and sunny clines accessed via wonderful ship or river cruises or by aeroplane where there is an immediacy of being enveloped by a wall of warmth once debarkation has begun.

These holidays tend to cry out for relaxation, lazy days and starlit nights where the wardrobe needs to be cool, bright and comfortable. Enter the Magi Bagi playsuit. My first encounter with the Bagi is lost to the sands of time but suffice to say it has been my holiday staple for years and an absolute necessity on any sunshine holiday.

The Magi Bagi playsuit as a clothing item is highly versatile. Made of cool cotton it is purposively loose-fitting, offering the ultimate in wearable comfort, yet a simple belt and high heels can transform it into a sophisticated fashion item to dine and dance away those starry summer nights.

The magic of the Magi Bagi is that it does suit all shapes and sizes and ages of our gloriously, diverse and beautiful female population. I think the photos say it all!

The Magi Bagi playsuit is the ideal companion for travelling, touring, walking and sight-seeing trips; as your shoulders and upper legs are protected they are not available for sunburn! The Magi Bagi can also be slipped into over a swimsuit if you need to wander into town after splashing in the surf; from the beach to bed to ballroom.

Magi Bagis are made with care, to the highest British standards, in a small UK boutique factory, from bespoke printed fabrics. Make a Magi Bagi a priority for your holiday wardrobe in 2020. Don’t miss the opportunity to spoil yourself!

The Magi Bagi is available to buy in our online shop here