Launching a new future with Magi Rose – the shop opens tomorrow

A year ago, I was approaching retirement from a long and happy academic career. Two paths opened in front of me in the direction my life could go. One looked like an ending, the other offered the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. Just because my career in professional healthcare was over, it did not mean that my ambitions and my working life also needed to come to a close.

I did not want to limit my future by basing it upon my past. I wanted to create a new reality for myself and I felt I must begin it now. There was no waiting for the perfect time.

I created my opportunity by attending a weekend conference for people interested in starting their own business, run by Cosmopolitan magazine, in April 2018. There I met Irene Moore, a UK business coach, who inspired me to believe that I could set up my own business and achieve success in a new field, even at an age well passed that of retirement.

A long-held dream of having my own ladies fashion collection was exciting and I wanted to bring it to life.

It has been said that to predict the future is to invent it.

In the novel, ‘The Life of Pi’, Yann Martel gives an exposition on fear, calling it a clever, treacherous adversary who shows no mercy… “It goes for your weakest spot, which it finds with unerring ease.”

It would have been easy to let fear prevent me from making such a bold move. I could have allowed that treacherous adversary to whisper in my ear that I had no business starting a new venture at my age and that I would be better served slowing down and welcoming in the gentle activities more associated with the older years.

Now, on the eve of the launch of my fashion collection, I am glad that I paid no mind to the merciless demon of doubt and fear. There is still much to learn and still plenty that remains unknown but learning is life and vitality and hope, and I will never quit from pursuing those things.

I hope you’ll be here tomorrow, to pop the cork and share a glass of bubbly with me. I look forward to introducing you to the Magi Rose collection then.