Magi Rose Ladies Leisure Fashion: Being Given the Chance

Yes, so I was on my way! I had signed up to Irene Moore’s Savvy Startup Club business mentorship scheme for female start-ups ( Irene and I have run this support as a weekly conference call, which often involves ‘homework’. I will share more about these sessions with you in succeeding blogs. Irene had decided to ‘take a chance on me’. There is that song, isn’t there, from Mama Mia, that goes somewhat:

“…take a chance on me,
Gonna do my very best and it ain’t no lie,
If you put me to the test, if you let me try,
Take a chance on me…”

…And yes, there were two other crucial skill sets that would be key to the development of the Magi Rose brand. Two other support individuals, who needed to, ‘take a chance on me’. The first had to have graphic design and skills to set up a web and social media sites. The second to act as a fashion mentor to assist in the development of the collection.

Enter Darren Barnard graphic designer at Bluelight Design I had been fortunate to work with Darren during my university career. He had, on a number of occasions, constructed elegant presentations and report designs for me. He was willing ‘to take a chance on me’, and is building the website, has made the essential arrangements for the hosting of the website and is responsible for the ‘fiery rose’ logo.

It was my lucky day when searching the web for pattern cutters Fashionworks London popped up. Katy Cordina, owner, is a leading authority in the fashion industry. Katy has built a formidable team around her that support every aspect of bringing a fashion idea to manufacture. Successful businesses, wise people have suggested, are built on the three pillars of Relationships, Process and Product. As someone fresh to the industry, I have found Katy and her team down to earth, entirely reliable individuals who share a high-quality focus on the outcome of the garments they help to create. Katy runs a well-oiled, refined, process that takes you from your first consultation with her to the introduction and oversight of your step into manufacturing. Katy ‘took a chance on me’!

Tra for now