Magi Rose Lookbook Bristol Photoshoot

The Bristol photoshoot

A photoshoot is generally an organised session where a photographer takes pictures of people or artefacts, to be used for a particular purpose. It is a critical tool for designers. The MAGI ROSE Lookbook Photoshoot was held at Apperley Studios, Bristol. The shoot was carried out to create images to launch Magi Rose’s new summer garments. The shoot was organised and directed by Genoveva (Viva) Arteaga-Rynn

Successful photoshoots are highly organised affairs, particularly because there is often a lot of preplanning to be carried out. This photoshoot involved a choice of models, either privately engaged or selected via the agencies Alpha Agency and Gingersnap. The model attributes we aimed for were diversity in age, body shape and ethnicity. 

The photoshoot also required a team of people to engage and co-ordinate. We had our intrepid photographer Viva, her assistant photographer Simon Goldstein, stylist Lucy Mitchell, set designer Carmel Lousada-Stiven and make-up artist Terri-Ann Aubrey-Smith.  There were also time restrictions. To be economically viable, Magi Rose, as a small company, needed to complete the studio work in one working day.  

Behind the scenes at the photoshoot

Call sheet for Magi Rose photoshoot

A Call sheet is usually one or two pages of a document that gives all the information everyone involved needs to know, before the photoshoot. The Call sheet Viva prepared, on her letterhead, detailed: the subject of the photoshoot, location and date, a list of the people involved, their roles and contact phone numbers, information re dietary requirements and the need to report any allergies, a reminder to bring a reusable water bottle, to keep the set as green as possible, emergency contacts and the detailed timetable for the day.      

The timetable was expertly organised to maximise the opportunities for photographs and to minimise the contract time for the models.

Outcome of the photoshoot

With lots of snacks, a good lunch, and hard work by the team, the day was successful in capturing the lovely photographs you see on the website of the Shift and Swing dresses and Jumpsuit.

Wrapped on target at 4.30pm! Please also follow us on Facebook.