New-season summer Bristol photoshoot for Magi Rose

New-season summer Bristol photoshoot 

After the delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic Magi Rose London was at last able to carry out the first of two new summer season photoshoots in Bristol. Covid restrictions and lack of time prevented a full crew and having all shoots in one session.

Reason for the photoshoot

The shoot was carried out to refresh stock images and to launch Magi Rose’s new summer garments.

Bristol as a location

Bristol is a thriving, youth centric and energetic metropolis that sets the scene for artistic inspiration. It also affords a pool of talent to make any venture, such as a photoshoot, a certain success.

Bristol offered a wide range of locale for the shoot. The potential however for April showers inclined us to be cautious, settling on location at a beautiful house that overlooked the river, with the Severn Bridge to Wales in the distant foreground. As it transpired, we had wall-to-wall sunshine all day!! 

The location also provided generously for background material that fitted with our seasonal summer focus.

Much preparation went into the photoshoot and so it turned out to be a highly organised affair as it had to be Covid compliant. It also involved the selection of models, from agencies Gingersnap and Mustard Model Agency . The model criteria we aimed for were age-appropriate, body shape, and ethnic diversity. 

The Photoshoot

The photoshoot required a team of people to engage and coordinate. The team for the shoot was put together by the Photographer and Director Genoveva (Viva) Arteaga-Rynn who we were pleased to work with again this year. 

Also assisting were Charlotte Ellis – Assistant Photographer, Lucy Mitchell – Stylist, Danny Williams – Make Up Artist, Jake Lucas – Videographer, and our lovely models from Mustard Model Agency, Denise O, and Diane L, and from Gingersnap, Daniel E and John G.

With safety issues a foremost concern, the day was expertly organised to maximise the opportunities for outdoor photographs and to minimise the contact time for the models. Everyone attending the shoot had to be Covid-19 Lateral Flow negative on the morning of the shoot.


With lots of drinks, snacks, a good lunch, and intensive work by the team, the day was successful in capturing the lovely photos you will be seeing on the Magi Rose London website. We wrapped the new-season summer Bristol photoshoot on schedule, at 5 pm prompt.  

And when you visit the website, you may well ask: “Why is Magi Rose photographing male models?” Well, all I can say is, “Watch that space!”

Tra for now.

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