Jumpsuits couture from one-piece overalls

The Women’s Land Army (WLA): One-piece overalls to jumpsuits.

One-piece overalls for women first made their appearance during the First World War when women were recruited to jobs left vacant when men went to war.

The WLA created in 1915 allowed women to replace men, working on farms and in agriculture, planting and reaping crops. A picture of a recruiting poster for the WLA 1917-18, is shown below: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women%27s_Land_Army_(World_War_I).

First World War recruiting poster
First World War recruiting poster

The classic one-piece overall, which was the workwear uniform, featured a belted jumpsuit with cross back-straps, shown above in the picture. Wonderful examples are also featured on the Lady Marlowe Studio pattern website: https://ladymarlowe.com/collections/40s-trousers-jumpsuits.

Evolution of the one-piece overall from workwear to couture

By the 1940s the practical features of the one-piece overall had evolved into a fashion item.

Elsa Schiaparelli was responsible for introducing the jumpsuit as couture.  A revolutionary 1930s designer she shook up the Paris fashion scene with her innovative designs https://www.sosandar.com/stylenews/history-of-the-jumpsuit/.

Lady Marlowe’s website also carries many examples of these new fashionable jumpsuits in beautiful and timeless patterns: https://ladymarlowe.com/collections/40s-trousers-jumpsuits.

The secrets of the jumpsuit

The change from ‘one-piece overalls’ to ‘jumpsuit’ may be lost in the sands of time although Thayat, a Florentine artist and designer, is thought to have created the first jumpsuit in 1919 as a functional, one-piece garment used by parachuters https://www.sosandar.com/stylenews/history-of-the-jumpsuit/.

Clearly, there were features of this one-piece garment that women enjoyed and so wished to integrate into their everyday lives.

Jumpsuits are for instance very forgiving and can cover a myriad of perceived body shortcomings. They can often be used as a crossover day to evening, adding elegance to every occasion.  

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Model walking in in one of the jumpsuits
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