Organ donation: Who’s behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Part 3

Organ donation: Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Part 3


Eventful blogs that celebrated Father’s Day, talked about the development of the Mikki Flight Suit, and two that reported from the Vogue Forces of Fashion Summit 2021, put a hold on the continuation of my story: Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose?

So, let’s pick up the story again from the blog on 04 June 2021.

It would be true to say you would know little about me if you did not understand the major work of my life before Magi Rose. So, here we go!

An introduction to organ donation

I completed my PhD at the University of Southampton in 1996. My thesis examined the experiences of families of deceased organ donors, and what those experiences meant to them.

I became interested in organ donation during my early teaching years at Poole Hospital.

My first encounter with the subject was when I attended a talk, in the intensive care unit, given by Margaret and John Evans, a mother and father who were donors of their son’s organs when he was killed in a motorcycle accident.

Margaret and John had formed an organisation, British Organ Donor Society (BODY), to teach health professionals and the lay public about the importance of donation, and the special needs families might have at the time they are asked to make decisions about donation from a loved one.

Lack of research about families’ experiences

At that time the UK had no research with families to understand their experiences or the systematic way in which their needs could be met. My PhD research was one of the first studies in the UK to contribute to this field of knowledge.

During, and after my study, I was fortunate to be awarded funding that took me to the USA to further inform my PhD and to carry out an extended study of the correspondence between organ donor and recipient families, in Omaha, Houston, Philadelphia, New York and Miami.

Progressing my nursing career

Back in the UK, I progressed my nursing career through teaching and research. First at the University of Surrey where I cut my teeth as a University Lecturer; then to the University of Southampton as a Senior Lecturer; and finally in a joint post as Professor of Clinical Practice and Innovation with the University of Wolverhampton and The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust.


Part of my legacy is held in the ‘Gift of Life’ Organ Donor Memorial at New Cross Hospital (Pictured). The memorial was designed by Matthew Sadler and Neal Welch, graduates of the University of Wolverhampton School of Art. It is the outcome of a project led by Dr Wendy Walker.

The memorial stands outside the entrance to the hospital. It acts as an instrument of education about organ donation. The hands are giving and receiving through the infinity loop, which represents DNA and the continuous circle of life.

Dr Walker said at the time of its unveiling (13 March, 2016), “To our knowledge, the memorial at New Cross Hospital is the first of its kind to be built on evidence obtained from donor families. This very special tribute is a humbling reminder of people’s generosity and an inspiration for others to donate”.

After 53 working years, it was time to change gear. But what would that be?…tbc   

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