Spring: Time to reset goals as we emerge from lockdown

Spring: Time to reset goals

Normally, the month of January is recognised as the time people make their resolutions about how they will live their lives in the year ahead. This might mean an effort to change old, bad habits, seek to be more ambitious or adopt healthier lifestyles.

It would be true to say that the post-Christmas COVID-19 lockdown may have altered those ambitions somewhat with the uncertainty of how life would develop throughout 2021.

Now that Spring has sprung and lockdown is gradually being lifted, it might be an opportune moment to review our goals for 2021 and reset our ambitions and targets.

So, what makes Spring time to reset goals, a suitable time to review our lives and make new commitments to the future?


As far back as recorded history takes us Spring has been the turning of the year from the death and decay of winter to a time linked to mythical tales of resurrection and rebirth; events ruled over by a cast of fertility gods and goddesses.

Most countries have their mystical deity and celebrate Spring through an array of traditions. Christians associate the season with Easter, which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, the idea of a deity who dies and is brought back to life was a common theme, predating the Bible.

Resurrection and Spring can be traced to ancient Egypt where the god Osiris was murdered by a rival who tore his body to pieces and scattered the parts across Egypt. The goddess Isis retrieved the pieces and buried them, an act that brought Osiris back to life.

Spring mythology is also intertwined with stories of rebirth https://www.goddess-guide.com/spring-goddess.html. One such story concerns Persephone, the Greek goddess of Spring and rebirth. Hades, King of the underworld had abducted Persephone to become his Queen. However, she was only allowed to remain in the underworld for four months of the year. Her exit from the underworld each year heralded the start of Spring when she returned to help her mother Demeter to bring life and bounty back to the land.      

Goal Setting

So, it seems right, since our previous ambitions may have been squashed or delayed due to COVID-19 lockdown that Spring, with its vibrant and uplifting spirit, is the ideal time to revisit and refocus our dreams and ambitions for 2021 and beyond.

For me, Spring has channeled my mind on fabric design through the explosion of colour in the multitude of glorious blossom. Spring has also made it possible to proceed with planning our new season photoshoot, which was much delayed.

I hope you too can move forward with confidence in securing your chosen goals.

Tra for now.


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