St Valentine’s Day: A celebration of love

St Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love

The approaching St. Valentine’s Day is a call to celebrate love. Many stories exist as to the day’s origin. The one that resonates with me goes something like this – In the 3rd century AD St Valentine, a doctor and priest, was executed because he was caught carrying out secret weddings. Weddings had been banned by the Roman Emperor Claudius II. Claudius believed that love and romance made for weak soldiers.

Valentine fell in love with his jailer’s daughter. Before his execution on the 14th February he sent her, as a mark of his love, a farewell letter signed, ‘Your Valentine’.

So, it seemed pertinent to explore one of the most famous discussions about love held during Plato’s Symposium in ancient Greece.

Plato’s Symposium    

Symposia were an important part of Greek culture in the 7th century. Symposia were gatherings where Greek men could eat, drink, make merry and discuss issues of the day.

Plato used such an occasion to define and praise love. Whilst it is not possible to present all the arguments I have highlighted a few.


The Symposium suggested that the fate and fortune of people and nations are determined by love. Love is a desire for perpetual possession of goodness and happiness. It stands at the heart of every noble deed. Love is not passive, but active; it does not merely seek to receive but to give.

Love is not the solution to life’s problems, but it can make them more bearable. If soulmates exist, they are made and fashioned, after a lifetime partnership, a lifetime shared dealing with common duties, pain, and also, knowing joy.

Plato himself offered the theory that ‘being in love’ was a ‘grave mental disease’! If you’ve ever been there you would probably agree with him!! When your heart is wide open it is easy for someone to get inside and mess it up.

True love tends not to be suddenly discovered but rather, it’s the product of immense work, constant attention, and sacrifice.

For me love has to have meaning and purpose. Love is embedded at the very heart of Magi Rose London. Our signature, the rose, is the flower most often associated with love.

Love is bounded in my desire to create wardrobe choices with a higher purpose of adding enjoyment and value to the wearer’s life, garments to be loved for their beauty and sustainability.

Enjoy St Valentine’s Day with your loved ones.

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