The Mikki: Development of the Flight Suit

The Mikki: Development of the Flight Suit (coming soon to

Some years ago, when I was developing ideas about starting a high quality, sustainable, online, ladies summer clothing store it was suggested to me that men were just as in need of quality, imaginative clothing to relax in and enjoy.

I was aware that male ‘rompers’ had been around for some time. The general design, however, and quality was poor, and probably would not appeal to the gentleman of distinction.

So, I set about designing a one-piece summer suit for gents that is high quality and quite different from rompers.

I took my inspiration from early aviation suits as I could imagine these turning a head or two. There was also something about being ‘top-flight’ ‘active’ and ‘soaring above’ or ‘standing out’ from the crowd. Mikki was a name born out of admiration.  

The Mikki: Development of the Flight Suit – From concept to paper

All garments start with a mental concept, which is interpreted by a drawing. Below is a picture of the first scribble of my concept for the Mikki.

Pattern cutters

The pattern cutters were able to take my drawing and from that produced a pattern. A toile or mock-up of the flight suit was made from the pattern, which could be adjusted until we were happy with it. The pictures below show the outcome of the first toile fitting.  

Fabrics and labels

Now there were decisions to be made about the fabric we were going to use to make the Mikki flight suit. Seeing it was intentionally a summer garment we were developing, we chose linen, as it is cool and light, the perfect weight for summer. This was not any old linen. We chose linen produced by an exemplary intergenerational family business Seidra in Austria. The linen is sustainable and produced emission-free. Below are the swatches that we finally narrowed down. We chose three colours: blue, olive and a check.    

Labels were produced by Pennine Labels Ltd, in Colne, Lancashire.

Then it was off to the factory for production

The Mikki flight suit was produced by ApparelTasker in London.

And finally, the finished product for you to enjoy…

Here’s what one of the models on the photoshoot said:

“Hey Magi, it was a real pleasure to shoot for you yesterday. I hope you are happy with the styling the guys chose and the images that come back. Your clothes were amazing to wear and I hope they prove to be a massive success for you 😊 x”

Tra for now.


P.S. Do pop along and have a look in the Magi Rose shop? Drop me a line if you can’t wait for the Mikki to appear on-line.