Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Part 1

Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose?

Most of us have ambitions about the greater or smaller things we would like to achieve in life. I, Magi Sque, an Emeritus Professor, fulfilled my teenage dream to launch a fashion label, Magi Rose London. I carried the ambition to develop a clothing brand for the best part of 50 years. So why did I carry that dream for so long and how did Magi Rose London get started? In a series of blogs, I will share with you some of my back story, which criss-crosses the Atlantic and is the unlikely tale that resulted in my founding the distinctive fashion brand Magi Rose London.

Growing-up in Jamaica

I was a post-war baby born at St Joseph’s Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. http://www.holidaysplease.co.uk/jamaica My birthday fell the day before that of Princess Margaret Rose. At that time England was regarded as the Mother country where many people believed the streets were paved with gold, and the Royal family were revered and looked up to. So, my parents believed they had no alternative other than to name me Margaret Rose after the Princess. It helped too that the midwife caring for my mother was a nun, Sister Rose.

My childhood was incredibly happy. Our house served both as a multigenerational family home and a guest house. Ian Fleming was the most famous guest who, in 1946, stayed there. Where he is reputed to have written at least some of ‘Dr No’.

The house has a wonderful view looking out over the harbour and town of Ocho Rios, on the north coast of Jamaica.

Leaving school

Now, when I was ready to leave school, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life. I was a better than average student and good at ballet and tennis but not good enough to make a career of these activities.

My family generally did not appear to be too bothered or interested in my having any ambition as at that time it was thought that women could do ‘something’ until they got married and had a husband to support and care for them.

However, one afternoon when I should have been studying for my Highers, I was watching the 1960s TV programme ‘Dr Kildare’ instead. There were nurses, of course, in the programme. It suddenly struck me that that was what I wanted to do. So inspired by the TV series, Dr Kildare, I decided to study nursing.

At that time there were no facilities for training nurses in the West Indies so young women went abroad to the USA, Canada, and the UK.

My father who had unfulfilled dreams of becoming a doctor told me that if nursing was my chosen profession, then, ‘I should do it properly,’ and apply to Guy’s Hospital in London. His cousin had trained there and had become an eminent brain surgeon…tbc.

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