Introducing Magi Rose

I am Magi Rose Sque, designer and founder of Magi Rose London, a ladies leisurewear collection created with carefree you in mind. I first had the idea for such a collection at the tender age of 17 (Photo: Magi Rose at 17 in the clothing shop). At that time, I was working in my first job, as an attendant in a ladies clothing shop, in the tourist resort town of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Fast forward to today and I’m about to see my collection launched!

As I write, several wonderful quotes come to mind, for instance, ‘never give up on your dreams’, ‘you should aspire to have a dream’, etc. etc. However, last summer I spotted a meaningful piece of advice, totally relevant to my situation, in a Sunday Times Magazine (22 July 2018 p66) article, ‘A Life in the Day’. The advice was given by Evan Sharp, co-founder of Pinterest social platform. It read, ‘It’s never too late to start something new’. Having had a long career in health care and academia I found this advice totally energising and inspiring as this is exactly what Magi Rose is all about!

Clothes have always been something I enjoyed. I feel fortunate that my career has taken me to places where I knew what it was to really dress-up, be that into meeting rooms across the world or to attend the Vienna Opera House. In contrast, I’ve been in surroundings where the only option was to dress-down, for example, when working students in simulated rescue missions in burnt out buildings or on-board navy ships.

Whatever the situation there are three particular criteria I demand from clothes: comfort, high-quality fabrics and sound construction. These are all qualities that the Magi Rose collection will bring you. The collection will launch with my signature garment the, Magi Bagi, the ultimate in relaxed, elegant comfort for all occasions.

I will keep you updated as we progress. I will also share more of my back story, the process of starting again and never letting go of that 17-year old’s dream!

Tra for now.