Your summer clothes: old or new friends?

Are your Summer clothes old or new friends?

Most cultures have their own representations of the seasons in some immortal or divine form.  

In Greek mythology, the Horae were the goddesses of the seasons and the guardians of the natural divisions of time

Traditionally, they guarded the entrance to Olympus, promoted the fertility of the earth, and organised the stars and constellations.

The seasons were symbolically described as the dance of the Horae.

Damia the goddess of summer was the protector of plants, growth, and fertility.

She was worshipped together with Auxesia, the goddess of spring. They allegedly gained divine status after they, as maidens, were wrongfully stoned to death by peasants.

So what is so special about your summer clothing?

Seasonal wardrobes

Many of us have a preference for a favourite season. Alternatively, we may just enjoy the changes and what each season brings.

The glow of the summer sun, the richness of autumn colours and the cooler days, winter’s cosiness around a crackling fire, and oh the joys of springtime and the emergence of the first blossoms!

Each season has its appropriate clothing. The fashion industry thrives on the change of seasons to roll out new wardrobes.

Summer clothes

Generally, summer is regarded as the time for holidays, rest, and restitution. A time to relax and escape a work-a day-life for indulgent pursuits. A time to share special adventures with loved ones.

Summer holidays are planned and looked forward to with great anticipation and a wardrobe is planned to suit every possibility.

Hence, summer clothes need to be cool, light, packable and easy care Fabrics best suited to fulfil the cool, light criteria are your cottons and linens.

Styles need to be on-trend, casual, roomy but smart. Summer is the season for colour in all its intensity, so fabulous fabric prints are key contenders.

There can also be a certain special relationship with summer clothes.

Summer clothes maybe newbies or the old friends that return year on year.

At the end of the summer, you pack them lovingly away greeting them happily the next time they are needed. 

To me, the Horae got it right with their colourful, flowing dresses, full of joy and gaiety!!

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Picture reference: Horae Serenae by Edward Poynter (1894)