Shows two models a woman and a man standing in a garden modelling summer clothes. Fashion’s radial reset some argue has come as a result of the Covid pandemic as fashion became democratised by people's easy access to the internet.

Fashion’s radial reset: What has the pandemic taught us?

Fashion’s radial reset: Introduction The first cadre of traditional, world statement fashion shows, (i.e. New York, London, Paris and Milan) will launch following the COVID pandemic. I thought it helpful to reflect on what might have changed within the industry that has driven, ‘Fashion’s radical reset’. My other linking blogs can be found at: news/starting-over-vogue-forces-of-fashion-7-8-july-2021/ […]


Brand launch Magi Rose London: Completing the circle

Brand launch of Magi Rose London: Completing the circle This blog aims to ‘complete the circle’ from an aspiration to be involved in the fashion industry to the brand launch of Magi Rose London. Previous blogs in three parts: ‘Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose?’ sketched the story that was my […]

Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Part 3. Photograph of the organ donor memorial at New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton

Organ donation: Who’s behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Part 3

Organ donation: Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Part 3 Catch-up Eventful blogs that celebrated Father’s Day, talked about the development of the Mikki Flight Suit, and two that reported from the Vogue Forces of Fashion Summit 2021, put a hold on the continuation of my story: Who is the person […]

Building a fashion brand Shows film crew taking a picture at fashion photoshoot

Building a fashion brand: Vogue Forces of Fashion

Building a fashion brand: Vogue Forces of Fashion 7-8 July 2021 Building a fashion brand New founders of fashion brands in South Africa, New York and London were brought together in conversation at the Vogue Forces of Fashion online Summit held on the 7-8 July 2021. Interviewed by Vogue Editor Chioma Nnadi they were […]

Starting over: Shows model wearing face mask during pandemic

Starting over Vogue Forces of Fashion 7-8 July 2021

Starting over Vogue Forces of Fashion I was fortunate again this year to attend Vogue’s online Summit “Forces of Fashion”. The Summit spanned two days of highly interesting content around the fashion industry, covering topics such as styling, sustainable design, costume curating, building brand authenticity, etc. However, of particular interest to me was the […]

Two men standing in front of a stone wall

The Mikki: Development of the Flight Suit

The Mikki: Development of the Flight Suit (coming soon to Some years ago, when I was developing ideas about starting a high quality, sustainable, online, ladies summer clothing store it was suggested to me that men were just as in need of quality, imaginative clothing to relax in and enjoy. I was aware that […]

Celebrating Father's Day. The picture is of my fatherelebrating Father's Day

Celebrating Father’s Day: A tribute to my Father

Celebrating Father’s Day Celebrating Father’s Day, which honours fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society originated in the USA. It was celebrated for the first time on the 3rd Sunday of June 1910, Fifty-eight years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official holiday Father’s Day became a nationwide holiday in the USA. […]

Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Picture is of a nurse

Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Part 2

Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose, Part 2. Leaving Jamaica My first job, at 17, was working as an attendant in a ladies resort boutique in Ocho Rios. I worked there for one year. This is where my experience and love of fashion started. During that year, every Friday evening, I […]

Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? The picture shows a young man learning to jet ski

Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Part 1

Who is the person behind the Magi in Magi Rose? Most of us have ambitions about the greater or smaller things we would like to achieve in life. I, Magi Sque, an Emeritus Professor, fulfilled my teenage dream to launch a fashion label, Magi Rose London. I carried the ambition to develop a clothing brand […]

New-season summer Bristol photoshoot Shows the photographer taking a picture of a model

New-season summer Bristol photoshoot for Magi Rose

New-season summer Bristol photoshoot  After the delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic Magi Rose London was at last able to carry out the first of two new summer season photoshoots in Bristol. Covid restrictions and lack of time prevented a full crew and having all shoots in one session. Reason for the photoshoot The shoot […]

Floyde Forbes Pelican Bar Jamaica

Floyde Forbes’ Pelican Bar: A genius anomaly

Floyde Forbes’ Pelican Bar My sunny mid-week reminiscences cast me back to holidays in Jamaica, my native home. Jamaica is a tiny island jam-packed with interesting things to do and see, an all-round amazing holiday destination. A recent article (14th March 2021) in The Sunday Times entitled “A Life in the Day” about Floyde Forbes’ […]

Spring: Time to reset goals as we emerge from lockdown. The picture shows beautiful flower, which represent springtime.

Spring: Time to reset goals as we emerge from lockdown

Spring: Time to reset goals Normally, the month of January is recognised as the time people make their resolutions about how they will live their lives in the year ahead. This might mean an effort to change old, bad habits, seek to be more ambitious or adopt healthier lifestyles. It would be true to say […]

Springtime and the Swifts: A mindset inspiration, Shows a Swift in flight

Springtime and the Swifts: A mindset inspiration

Springtime and the Swifts: A mindset inspiration Spring is the time of renewal and rebirth for living entities on planet earth. No more so than the myriad of bird species that migrate to maximise the success of their breeding and raising the next generation of chicks. Some birds have wonderful rituals, but the Swift is […]

Mother’s Day: A history and remembrance is demonstrated by a daughter hugging her mother.

Mother’s Day: A history and remembrance

History and remembrance for Mother’s Day I love history. It was one of my favourite subjects at school.  I can read about and listen to the tales of old that capture my imagination, forever. One of the values of history is its ability to provide a useful context for our present-day activities and the events […]

St Valentine's Day

St Valentine’s Day: A celebration of love

St Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love The approaching St. Valentine’s Day is a call to celebrate love. Many stories exist as to the day’s origin. The one that resonates with me goes something like this – In the 3rd century AD St Valentine, a doctor and priest, was executed because he was caught carrying […]

This image shows the years 2020 – 2021 were an uncertain time in the United Kingdom due to COVID-19

COVID-19 2020-2021: An uncertain time

COVID-19 2020 – 2021: An uncertain time There can be no doubt that the past year, 2020, was full of challenges.  It was a year of uncertainties exacerbated by the sadness of mass bereavement. The year, however, did offer us the opportunity to pause and connect with the virtues that make us human, love, kindness, […]

The greatest gift of all is demonstrated by a man giving the sick man a drink. Helping the sick.

The greatest gift of all: The story of the 4th Wise Man

The greatest gift of all With Christmas fast approaching it seems love, the greatest gift of all, is an appropriate theme for the month (Feature Image: Sarwer e Kainat Welfare, search old man 3996723) . Victorian author Henry van Dyke wrote a story about a 4th Wise Man, Artaban, who set out to honour […]

A hedgehog to show crisis of sustainability for wildlife

Sustainability: A crisis in fashion and wildlife

Fashion’s crisis of sustainability With my mindset focused on sustainability during this month an article by Ben Webster, Environmental Editor for The Times caught my eye this week. It stated that several top fashion brands including Boohoo, Marks & Spencer, Primark, Asos, Tesco, Sainsbury’s Arcadia and others had signed up to targets for cutting clothes […]

Pannage pigs in the forest

The pannage season: Secrets of the New Forest

The New Forest: the need for a pannage season I am fortunate to live on the borders of the New Forest in the beautiful county of Hampshire, located on the southern shore of England. I promised in my post of 2nd October to provide a follow-up on autumn in the New Forest ( The New […]

About Magi Rose London

Brand logo development: Fiery rose to Magi Rose, Part 2

Brand logo development The development of the brand logo for Magi Rose is discussed across two blogs. Part 1 ‘Brand logo development: Garden rose for Magi Rose?’ was published on 11/09/2020. This is Part 2.   Part 1. Recounts the beginning of my journey to find a logo to represent Magi Rose’s distinctive ladieswear fashion […]


Brand logo development: Garden rose for Magi Rose? Part 1

Brand logo development A reflection on my experience of brand logo development, that may be of interest to others, is offered across two blogs. This is Part 1. In October 2018 having had the idea to start the fashion label, Magi Rose,, there were two things that I knew I needed. A logo for […]

Jumpsuits couture from one-piece overalls

The Women’s Land Army (WLA): One-piece overalls to jumpsuits. One-piece overalls for women first made their appearance during the First World War when women were recruited to jobs left vacant when men went to war. The WLA created in 1915 allowed women to replace men, working on farms and in agriculture, planting and reaping crops. A picture of […]

Summer playsuit by Magi Rose reaches the Caribbean

Magi Rose’s summer playsuit reaches the Caribbean Jamaica (, the home of my childhood years is a relatively small (150 miles long and 60 miles across, at the widest point) island in the Caribbean that nestles 90 miles, at the nearest point, south of Cuba. Topographical Jamaica Jamaica is known by the locals as ‘the […]

Bob Marley

Bob Marley mural: Remembering sunshine holidays

Bob Marley mural: Remembering sunshine holidays With summer in full swing, it is only natural that our thoughts turn, even in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, to holidays lived and those anticipated. The clothes we enjoyed wearing ( and the special things we learnt and observed. Jamaica is my natural holiday destination to visit […]

Your summer clothes: old or new friends?

Are your Summer clothes old or new friends? Most cultures have their own representations of the seasons in some immortal or divine form.   In Greek mythology, the Horae were the goddesses of the seasons and the guardians of the natural divisions of time Traditionally, they guarded the entrance to Olympus, promoted the fertility […]

Magi Rose Photoshoot

Magi Rose Lookbook Bristol Photoshoot

The Bristol photoshoot A photoshoot is generally an organised session where a photographer takes pictures of people or artefacts, to be used for a particular purpose. It is a critical tool for designers. The MAGI ROSE Lookbook Photoshoot was held at Apperley Studios, Bristol. The shoot was carried out to create images to launch […]

Magi Rose Leisure Wear

Holiday clothing: An ode to their essential qualities

What is the relationship between holidays and holiday clothing? Holidays are one of our most beloved and treasured cultural features of modern society. Reputed to have originated in the English language the word ‘holiday’ means ‘to be born on a Holy Day’. A holiday is regarded as a day or time, protected by law or […]

In praise of the Magi Bagi

In praise of the Magi Bagi

Somewhere there is always sunshine. Somewhere there is always someone on holiday or thinking about taking a holiday. Many of our holiday dreams are of warm and sunny clines accessed via wonderful ship or river cruises or by aeroplane where there is an immediacy of being enveloped by a wall of warmth once debarkation has […]

Working with a Toile to Develop the Jumpsuit and New Dresses

On a cool Spring day in May, I travelled to Fashionworks’ offices in Moorgate, to work on some new garments in my collection: the jumpsuit, the shift dress and the swing dress. We would be working with a toile to develop the jumpsuit and the other designs, and this was my first experience of working […]

Slow movement of fashion

The Slow Fashion Movement and how we support it

The ethics of the fashion industry and the slow fashion movement Part of planning the manufacture of the garments in my collection was to ask questions about the ethical standards of the textile and fashion industries. The answers I received were quite disturbing. This comment was typical of the responses I got when I asked […]

Advice of an expert

How the advice of an expert helped to shape my brand

When I set out to create my own fashion label, I had a sack full of clothes that I thought would be interesting pieces to work with. They seemed like a good place to start. But I knew I would need to engage some support to make my project happen, particularly with regards to pattern […]


Launching a new future with Magi Rose – the shop opens tomorrow

A year ago, I was approaching retirement from a long and happy academic career. Two paths opened in front of me in the direction my life could go. One looked like an ending, the other offered the promise of fresh starts and new beginnings. Just because my career in professional healthcare was over, it did […]


How my lifelong love of fashion led me to create my own collection

I’m Magi Rose Sque, designer and founder of Magi Rose London. My lifelong love of fashion led me to create my own distinctive ladieswear collection after retiring from my position as a Professor Emeritus at the University of Wolverhampton. I first had the idea for the collection when I was 17, working in my first […]

Magi Rose Garment Label

Magi Rose: What’s in a name?

Recent speculation about the name ‘Archie’ got me thinking about: What’s in a name? “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,By any other name would smell as sweet.” In Act 2, Scene 2, of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet the lines are said by Juliet in reference to Romeo’s family’s name Montague. […]


Magi Rose Ladies Leisure Fashion: Being Given the Chance

Yes, so I was on my way! I had signed up to Irene Moore’s Savvy Startup Club business mentorship scheme for female start-ups ( Irene and I have run this support as a weekly conference call, which often involves ‘homework’. I will share more about these sessions with you in succeeding blogs. Irene had decided […]


Beginning Magi Rose Distinctive Ladieswear Brand

It can be a long road from having a dream to its realisation. If you have read my first blog, ‘Introducing Magi Rose’ you will know that I had carried the ambition to develop a ladies leisure clothing brand for the best part of 50 years. So why did I carry that dream for so […]


Introducing Magi Rose

I am Magi Rose Sque, designer and founder of Magi Rose London, a ladies leisurewear collection created with carefree you in mind. I first had the idea for such a collection at the tender age of 17 (Photo: Magi Rose at 17 in the clothing shop). At that time, I was working in my first […]